Latest Android Apps

Since the beginning of the year I have been running a stock HTC Inspire on AT&T (yeah I know, don’t beat me up). This gave me the freedom to update my HTC Hero on Sprint  to Cyanogen (mod 7). Wiress tethering works great, it runs faster, there is still too little RAM and when that gets low it gets slow.

On both phones I am using the Amazon App Market and have had fun trying free versions of paid apps. Since there is a new one each day, it keeps you coming back to see what is there. Smart move, and one they are also using in their MP3 store.


  • Advanced Task Killer Free
  • Alarm Clock Plus
  • Amazon MP3
  • Angry Birds
  • Amazon Appstore
  • Google Books
  • Bubble Level
  • Business Calendar
  • Facebook
  • Fandango
  • FCC Test
  • Fring
  • GasBuddy
  • Gmail
  • Google Voice
  • Google+
  • Groupon
  • IMDb
  • Listen
  • Maps
  • Quickoffice Pro
  • Sense Analog Clock
  • Skyfire
  • SMS Backup+
  • Sound Meter
  • Soundhound
  • Speed Test
  • Street View
  • SwiftKey
  • TV Guide Mobile
  • TweetCaster Pro
  • Twitter
  • WiFi Analyzer
  • Wireless Tether
  • Wolfram Alpha

Updated Android Apps list

The latest apps on my Sprint HTC Hero (now running Android 2.1)

Adobe Reader – Always good to have around.

Grocery IQ – Nice app, so I remember what I need to get.

Epocrates – Now I can tell what evil the doctor is trying to give me, Not.

Speed Test – Really useful, works with WiFI too.

Kindle – Great reader, and lots of free books.

Alarm Clock Plus V2 – a decent improvement on the original alarm.

Easy Tether – This one will work with Ubuntu as well as Windows and Mac.

Fring – Been using this for years, voice and IM.

Google Buzz – I have not played with it, yet.

Livelist – A nice little note management App.

Quadrant Standard – a good test of the phone and it’s graphics handling, and sadly how slow my phone is.

Quickoffice – Great way to read Word and Excel files.

Favorite Android phone apps

Google Voice – For me the “Must Have” application. It allows me to send and receive free SMS from my phone and do Voice Mail to text conversion, totally integrated with the phone.

Listen – A wonderful Pdcasting application, I use it every day.

Tricorder – It actually works and looks like the display on Star Trek Tricorders.

Bubble – Make your phone into a bubble level, handy if you need it.

Fandango Movies – A great way to see what movies show where in your city. I don’t actually use it to buy tickets.

TaskPanel – A great tool for monitoring and kill tasks on Android.

Aurora Universal Search – lets you search the whole phone for Contacts, Calendar, Applications, Meda, SMS/MMS messages and files on the SD card.

Compass – A really nice Compass program.

WiFI Analyzer – A nice tool to see what WiFI networks are near you and how strong the signal is.

Issuu Mobile – a fun tool to read over a million different magazines for free.

Battery Widget – A nice widget right on the screen to show the real state of your battery.

Tip Calculator Widget – A stupidly simple and easy to use tip calculator that even includes the ability to split the bill after adding the tip.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator – A great RPN or infix calculator.

Facebook for Android – A handy way to update your Facebook status.

Windows 7 Launch Party

Well I had my Windows 7 Launch Party on the 25th of October. I chose Sunday afternoon as I thought it would have the fewest conflicts with peoples schedules. I was both right and wrong. There were fewer conflicts, but they were all so worn out from the work week they could not drang themselves out the door. SIGH!!!

The good news is I cleaned up my workspace and can actually move around again. I will post some pictures here soon.